Secure Payments
Secure Payments

What bank cards do we accept?

We use the la Caixa POS terminal, therefore we accept bank cards from any European Bank. Visa, Mastercard or Maestro.

Why is my card not being accepted?

We only accept payments from European banks, since, for legal reasons, we only ship products within the EU.

We only accept secure payments, that is, we only accept payments from cards that have the 3D Secure payment system.

What is a 3D Secure payment?

In order to make a 3D Secure payment, the customer will be required to provide the card number, the expiration date and the CVC.

To protect against fraud, many banks send an SMS with a confirmation code to the contact number they have registered with the bank. This SMS is sent by the bank, it is not sent from

Information on Secure Payments

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