Quality Commitment
Quality Commitment

Compromiso de Calidad - Calidad certificada

One of the priorities of mycbdhealthy.com is to always offer products of the highest quality to our users. Therefore, for each line or batch of product, we demand to receive a certified quality analysis both from the internal laboratories of our suppliers, as well as from external laboratories to them.

These analytics also serve to assure users that the concentrations contained in each container are real, thus guaranteeing that the content of the products corresponds to reality.

The analyzes include information of the type:

  • Quantification of the concentration of CBD, CBDG, THC, THCA and CBDA
  • Quantification of chemical pollutants: heavy metals and pesticides

Compromiso de Calidad - Controles de Calidad


In case you are interested in receiving the quality report of a specific product, do not hesitate to request it through the following link de contacto.