About Us
About Us

CBD Healthy sl, is a company born in 2018 in Madrid, Spain, specialized in the sale and distribution of nutritional supplements and cosmetics based on Cannabis, focusing mainly on products with content rich in CBD (Cannabidiol) with certified quality.

We are a multidisciplinary group, made up of various profiles ranging from:

  • Experts in the sale and distribution of cosmetic products related to health and personal care.
  • Specialists in the sale and distribution of food supplements, food and beverages in general.
  • Specialists in advertising, web design and programming, content management, social networks, SEO and Analytics.
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We want to make mycbdhealthy.com in the reference ecommerce portal in terms of the ability to make available to users the information and products derived from Cannabis that best suit their needs, always guaranteeing the best possible quality.


All the products we offer on our website have been carefully selected based on the following criteria:

About Us - Our Products

Our products, therefore, have organic production certificates from seed to final result.

About Us - Quality Therapeutic Products

Therapeutic products of the highest quality : We try to include only those products that can bring greater benefits to our users. To do this, we continue to investigate with the help of different partners or partners for the inclusion of new types of products that can help improve certain ailments or that can be used for new treatments.

About Us - Certified Quality Products

Quality products certified by external laboratories : All our products with CBD (Cannabidiol) go through strict quality controls that ensure that the THC concentration is zero or less than 0.2% , thus confirming that it is a totally legal preparation, in addition to guaranteeing that these products do not have psychoactive effects and do not generate addiction.


If you have any questions or comments that you want to consult with us, click below on our contact link