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The use of cannabis has proven to be an effective way to activate sexual life. CBD and other cannabinoids have proven to be particularly helpful in helping you enjoy a more enjoyable and enjoyable sex life.

Products such as CBD-based lubricants or oils specially formulated to stimulate erogenous zones, etc ... are ideal for increasing pleasure and arousal.

Cannabis Lubricant Gel - Nuei


Lubricating gel with cannabis sativa seed oil, which produces a soft sensation of heat effect combined with moisturizing properties .

Cannabis Pleasure Oil - Nuei


Stimulating Oh! Holy Mary oil from Nuei with hemp seed that generates a long-lasting intense tingling sensation .

How Can CBD Boost Your Sex Life?
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One of the common problems in a relationship is the lack of libido, desire or sexual appetite. It is closely related to current stress, but it can lead to separations or fights.

The good news is that CBD can help improve the situation and stimulate our sex lives. Ideal if you are experiencing that the flame of passion is dying. Some studies indicate that consuming cannabidiol (CBD) improves sex considerably.

What are the benefits of CBD in sex?
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CBD and sex are closely related. In addition to increasing libido, cannabidiol has other benefits linked to intimate relationships. For example, most users report that they enjoy more intense orgasms.

In the case of men, they indicate that they delayed ejaculation and prevented erectile dysfunction (problems that affect a large number of the male population) and in that of women, they have climaxed earlier.

Both can confirm that they have been more satisfied than usual at the end of the sexual act. In addition, cannabinoids are vasodilators, which relax muscles and improve blood flow. This translates into a better 'performance' when it comes to sex.

By reducing anxiety and stress, we can use CBD before a sexual relationship, for example if we have a lot of nerves before a first time with that particular person.

Can CBD Reduce Pain From Sex?
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This is another aspect to keep in mind when we talk about CBD and sex. Many people, mainly women, complain of pain during and after their intimate relationships.

With the use of Cannabidiol the typical discomforts of vaginitis or vulvodynia, for example, are reduced.

CBD is a well-known pain reliever and a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is why it helps to reduce all kinds of pain caused by sex.

What CBD products can you use in your sex life?
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The use of cannabis is more than effective to activate the sexual life, making the intimate act much more pleasant and enjoyable. There are different products on the market that lubricate or stimulate the erogenous zones, being ideal for increasing arousal and mainly pleasure.

  • Lubricating gel with Cannabis - Nuei: It is made from cannabis sativa seed oil. Provides a soft sensation and a warming effect in intimate areas. It also offers moisturizing properties due to the essential fatty acids in its ingredients. It is compatible with the latex of condoms, as well as with erotic toys of any kind (also silicone ones). To apply, put a few drops in the palm of your hand and then spread in the intimate area with a light massage. It can be placed as many times as you want.
  • Pleasure oil with Cannabis - Nuei: It is a stimulating oil from the Oh Holy Mary line made with hemp seed. It generates a long-lasting intense tingling and tingling, similar to that of sex toys, but lasting up to 45 minutes. This powerful stimulant does not produce cold or heat, it is unisex. Apply a single drop and massage 15 seconds (until absorbed) into the desired area. It is not necessary to use too much quantity, since the effect is quite intense.