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Hemp oil-based food supplements intended for pets (dogs, cats, reptiles, and some rodents). Like people, CBD provides benefits to animals. Helps with home-alone anxiety-related issues, aging, obesity, osteoarthritis, and glaucoma ...

Currently, for our pets, CBD can be incorporated through oils or feed.

CBD Oil for Pets - Enecta


Hemp oil for pets has different therapeutic applications. It is an ideal product for the animal's health to remain in good condition and to improve different conditions, such as the animal's coat, providing shine and strength to the coat, as well as the reinforcement of its immune system thanks to the contribution of natural antioxidants, etc...

It is ideal to improve the animal's defenses and prevent infections, fungi and other typical ailments of pets.

CBD Oil for Pets - CBD Pharma


CBD Pharma offers a series of pet products with all the benefits of CBD. Manufactured with the same quality and care as products for human use.

Arthro Pet Massage Gel - Vetercann


Arthro Gel for pets is a massage gel based on hemp and colloidal silver, which provides a soothing and relaxing sensation by massaging the skin of the joints and muscles of dogs, cats and horses.

Arthro Pet Massage Balm - Vetercann


Arthro Organic Balm from Vetercann is a concentrated balm for massage and animal skin care. Its dense and concentrated texture allows it to be applied by massage on the animal's skin, providing an emollient and skin conditioning effect. Perfect for the muscle and joint massage of dogs, cats and horses, providing a calming and relaxing sensation.

Mallacann Skin Care Balm for Pets - Vetercann


Mallacann Pet Balm by Vetercann is an organic hemp balm indicated for the hydration, care and regeneration of the skin of dogs, cats and horses.

Its formula based on organic ingredients allows a natural care of the animal's skin, relieving annoying symptoms such as itching, stinging, irritation or flaking.

Mallacann Gel for Pet Skin - Vetercann


Mallacann Gel for Pets from Vetercann is a fast absorbing regenerating gel for animals, which helps to relieve the symptoms of dry and rough skin, with irritation or a tendency to crack.