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Hand & Foot Cream

Creams that improve dryness of hands and feet with deep hydration providing instant relief.

For those who tend to have sensitive or chapped hands, this type of cream acts as a protector against factors such as cold or continuous contact with abrasive products.

Moisturizing Cream rich in CBD - myCBD


CBD moisturizer is a high quality product, naturally produced and ecologically sound. Its ingredients are perfectly combined to achieve maximum hydration and a pleasant sensation of relaxation and well-being at the muscular and joint level.

Its composition based on arnica, olive oil, beeswax and coconut butter is crowned with the extract of industrial hemp from organically grown, which gives the cream its relaxing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties < / strong>.

myCBD Forte Cream is available in two different formats:

  • 50ml with 125mg of CBD (2.5%).
  • 100ml with 250mg of CBD (2.5%).

CBD Body Balm - Endoca


Calming body balm, natural and organic. Immediately soothes irritation, dryness and chapped skin.

Body Cream with CBD - Endoca


Moisturizing body cream that protects and cares about the skin and alleviates the symptoms of muscle and joint problems .

It is available in two different concentrations:

  • Cream with 3% CBD (300 mg)
  • Cream with 15% CBD (1,500 mg)

CBD Calming Body Cream - Alphacat


CBD ointment made from natural plants and totally organic crops. Cream rich in Omega 3 and 6 , reactive and strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

Body Lotion with CBD - Enecta


Enecta moisturizing body cream, with 200 mg of CBD, which protects and cares for the skin and relieves the symptoms of muscle and joint problems.

It acts gently thanks to the properties of its natural oils and CBD, respecting all skin types.

Active Body Cream with CBD - Harmony


Harmony's Active Calm Balm has been formulated with the perfect concentration of 50 mg of CBD to soothe and replenish drier skin. Rich in nutrients and rich in uplifting and enriching oils, Harmony's CBD Body Balm is 100% natural. With powerful active ingredients like CBD and vitamin E, blended with natural extracts, Active Calm Balm will help keep your skin feeling hydrated, rejuvenated and incredibly smooth.

CBD Oil for Face and Body - Endoca


Treat your face and body with CBD-infused nourishing apricot oil for smooth, glowing skin from head to toe.

A lightweight oil formula sourced from organic apricot seeds and hemp extracts, absorbs quickly to help calm and soothe stressed skin.