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Cosmetic and personal care products based on hemp oil designed to improve the health of all skin types.

Facial products (tonics, cleansers, eye contour, lip balms ...), body products, hands & feet products, etc ... A wide variety of products to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your daily personal care routine.

CBD Lip Balm - Enecta


Enecta's CBD-based lip balm is ideal for lip care in a natural and respectful way throughout the year. Its use is especially recommended to protect them from aggressive external agents such as wind, sun or cold.

From the first application we can notice how chapped, dry or skinned lips are repaired. Its composition balances the skin and helps the epidermis to recover its natural protective layer and providing an extraordinary shine.

CBD Lip Balm - Endoca


Lip balm with 150 mg of CBD and bees wax. In addition to protecting the lips daily, treat any type of herpes, fever or dry and chapped lips .

Moisturizing Facial Cream with CBD - Enecta


Enecta's 350 mg CBD facial cream strengthens the skin and provides maximum hydration, thanks to its high content of CBD and Hemp Seed Oil.

A product suitable for all skin types, even those that are most sensitive and require a more delicate and respectful facial care.

Facial Cleansing Gel with CBD - Enecta


Enecta's CBD cleansing gel has a specific formulation to adapt to all skin types, even the most sensitive or acne-prone, thanks to the presence of 200 mg of CBD in its composition, which gives it an antioxidant effect and pain relieving.

Serumony CBD Facial Oil - Harmony


Harmony's antioxidant-rich facial oil, Serumony, contains a rich concentration of CBD, with a nourishing blend of hemp seed oil, cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, and safflower oil, among others, to soothe, soften and increase the natural glow of the skin. Containing only essential ingredients, Serumony is 100% natural.

Lipcovery Lip Balm with CBD - Harmony
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Lipcovery Lip Balm with CBD - Harmony


Harmony's Lipcovery Nourishing Lip Balm is specially formulated with a unique blend of active ingredients and natural extracts including 5mg of CBD, jojoba seed oil, vitamin C and E, as well as beeswax to protect, hydrate, soothe and protect parched, dry or chapped lips.

CBD Facial Mask - Marry Jane


Marry Jane's CBD masks have a specific formulation to adapt to all skin types, providing a protective, moisturizing care with an antioxidant effect.

What are CBD cosmetics?
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It is the ultimate in terms of beauty. CBD cosmetics or also called ‘hemp’ are made with cannabidiol, a compound from the cannabis plant. This product has many nutritional and medicinal properties. Surely you wonder if it is legal and the answer is yes, 100%.

You may also want to know if it has effects on the body. The answer is no, because CBD is not psychoactive like THC, another component of the marijuana plant.

How are CBD cosmetics made?
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To obtain CBD cosmetics, this active compound (one of the 80 that the cannabis plant has) is used, the same one that is used to combat pain, acute stress or anxiety. By extracting CBD from the plant, oils are obtained and with them cosmetics are manufactured, among other products with cannabidiol.

What CBD cosmetic can you find for your skin?
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Cosmetic products with CBD are designed to take care of our health and at the same time beautify us. They can be used on all skin types and range from facial to body products. Among the most popular CBD cosmetics we find:

  • Lip balm with CBD - Enecta: It is an ideal product to care for the lips in a natural and safe way at any time of the year (not only in summer). This CBD lip balm is recommended to protect sensitive skin from aggressive external agents such as cold, sun, snow or wind.
  • Lipsticann lip balm - Annabis: It is composed of hemp oil and beeswax, hydrates and repairs the lips and can be used both in adults and children without contraindications.
  • Lip balm with CBD - Endoca: This CBD balm is made with beeswax and 20mg of cannabidiol. It not only serves to protect the skin on the lips on a daily basis, but also treats different types of herpes and dry or chapped lips.
  • Cremcann Hyaluron Facial Cream - Annabis: With rejuvenating, hydrating and firming effects, this CBD facial cream is made from hemp and hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for all skin types (even the most sensitive) and has 99.5% natural ingredients.
  • Day cream with CBD - Plant of life: The microcapsule Day Cream is made with 300mg of excellent quality organic CBD. It is applied to the face with gentle massages until completely absorbed. It is for daily use and in addition to hydrating, regenerates the skin and provides vitamins C and E.
  • Night facial cream with CBD - Plant of life: Its formula is composed of 300mg of CBD, shea butter and aloe vera. It is used at night ... Act while you sleep! In the morning you will notice a smooth, luminous and repaired face.
What are the benefits of CBD cosmetic treatments for the skin?
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Even in small amounts, cannabidiol has more than interesting effects on our skin. It is an antioxidant compound, because it captures free radicals and provides vitamin E and phenolic acid.

It is also soothing, anti-inflammatory and perfect for sensitive, acne-prone or oily skin. CBD is hydrating because it has 85% essential fatty acids.

Are CBD cosmetics safe?
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Cannabidiol acts in our body in a safe and natural way, we should not be afraid to use CBD cosmetics to look younger and with smooth skin, without wrinkles or expression marks.