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Bath and Shower

Products that promote the health and beauty of the body and hair, taking advantage of the beneficial properties of CBD, hemp seed oil mixed with natural elements. They balance and provide deep hydration, elasticity and softness.

We have in the catalog with soaps for the shower, shampoos, deodorants or even bath bombs for relaxation.

Dentacann Toothpaste - Annabis


Annabis innovative toothpaste is 100% natural and vegan, and is formulated with hemp, activated carbon and kalident, which cares for sensitive teeth and gums, without fluoride.

DENTACANN natural toothpaste based on hemp from Annabis, naturally whitening teeth thanks to the active carbon contained in its 100% natural and vegan formula, providing comprehensive oral care without foaming effect.

Its regular use helps to remove dirt and dental pigmentation produced, for example, by drinking coffee, tea or red wine, and gradually restores the natural white hue of the teeth.

CBD Mouthwash - Pharma Hemp


Dr Kent's (Pharma Hemp) CBD Mouthwash is a concentrated hemp and CBD-based mouthwash for daily oral care of the mouth, teeth and gums.

CBD toothpaste - Pharma Hemp


Pharma Hemp Toothpaste is 100% natural and vegan, and is formulated with 100 mg of CBD, which cares for sensitive teeth and gums.

Pharma Hemp's CBD-based natural toothpaste keeps gums healthy and strong and breath fresh.

Natural Deodorant with CBD - Endoca


Protect your armpits from odor and chemicals with 100mg CBD Infused Natural Deodorant.

A paste-like formula with organic hemp extracts and a natural citrus lemon fragrance to leave your armpits feeling calm and smelling fresh.

What types of CBD products can I find for the bath or shower?
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In our online store you can find the following CBD products for bath and shower:

  1. Shampoos: CBD shampoos take care not only of the hair, but also of the scalp, they serve to reduce the itching and irritation typical of the use of chemical products or even too hot water in the shower. After using a CBD shampoo you will enjoy a relaxing sensation. Feel free to substitute your regular shampoo for one with CBD. 2.
  2. Body Scrubs: Thanks to CBD body scrubs you will remove dead cells and dirt that usually accumulates on your skin. Plus, these CBD scrubs instantly hydrate, soothe, and soothe. It's the kind of cleansing your skin has long waited for!
  3. Bath GelCBD bath gels are perfect for taking care of the skin and enjoying a relaxing bath. In addition, the gel restores the natural pH of the dermis, reduces the symptoms of irritation, itching and redness, nourishes the skin and fully hydrates it. Ideal for after a very stressful day!
  4. Oral Hygiene: Oral hygiene products are made with extracts of grass and hemp, are 100% natural and are used to care for the mouth, teeth, gums and tongue. With its antibacterial and soothing properties, CBD mouthwash helps to have a fresher and healthier mouth. It also respects sensitive gums and does not damage the natural oral flora.
What are the benefits of cbd products for the bath and shower?
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CBD products for the bath and shower are natural, they promote health and also beauty, both of the body and of the hair.

This is because they take advantage of the properties of hemp seed oil and its combination with other natural elements. Hydration, elasticity, softness, health and well-being are the words that best define CBD products for the bath and shower.

What CBD treatments can I use to hydrate my skin?
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One of the best CBD treatments for hydrating skin is MyCBD's CBD-rich moisturizer. A product of excellent quality, ecological, natural, with olive oil, arnica, coconut butter and beeswax.

All these ingredients together hydrate but also relax and reduce inflammation. It is used externally once or twice a day or up to four times to treat muscle and joint pain.

What CBD treatments can I use to hydrate my hair?
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Thanks to the BodyCann shampoo your hair annabis hidratarás addition to soothe and regenerate the skin of the scalp. Even in cases of very delicate dermis.

It is a CBD shampoo made from hemp seed oil and D-Panthenol of excellent quality and vegan, since it has not been tested on animals.

Apply the CBD shampoo in the shower with a gentle massage and rinse with plenty of warm water.