cbd in sport

cbd in sport

Some athletes indicate that it does not bring them any benefit in relation to their competitors. However, there are those who claim that using this substance is a way to take advantage of competitions.

From MyCBDHealthy we want you to have more information about cbd in sports and based on data and research you can make a decision or have an opinion about it.

CBD in sports: cannabidiol is not a prohibited substance

In January 2020, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed cannabidiol (better known as CBD by its acronym) from the list of prohibited substances. It was undoubtedly a historic and at the same time controversial measure.

What does it mean that this entity has removed from the list of prohibited substances? That athletes can use CBD during their physical preparation as a medicine, without fear of receiving a sanction if it is found in a routine analysis.

There are not a few elite athletes who defend cbd in sports, especially when it comes to recovery from injury.

One of the most famous athletes in favor of cannabidiol is the Mexican boxer Andy Ruiz, who uses this substance to relieve neuropathic pain, movement disorders and inflammation typical of his sport.

Another of the staunch defenders of CBD in sports is the American tennis player John Isner. He was the first in his discipline to endorse the consumption of an energy drink containing cannabidiol. The "discharge" of it was that it is used to treat the pain and inflammation caused by matches and training.

Several investigations have confirmed that CBD has calming and anti-inflammatory effects at all levels, this means that it works for "normal" people and also for high-performance athletes.

However, these are not the only benefits of cannabidiol, as other studies have confirmed that it can enhance performance. This is where some questions of the type come in, so can an athlete who uses CBD beat one who does not use it? Or also, is it correct to use substances that improve performance?

The reality is that consuming CBD before a match or competition will not make a person a superhero, run 10 times faster, or score 5 goals. What it will do is reduce the anxiety generated by the competition and also the emotional charge that “awakens” the pressure or the desire to win. In turn, we could say that it keeps your mind clear and allows you to make smarter decisions.

There is still a long way to go in terms of the benefits of CBD in sports, more precisely at the time of competition. However, it can be said that at the time of post-training or post-competition recovery its use is really advisable.

CBD can improve the ability to sleep and that in elite athletes is essential. It is their best medicine to recover after the physical and mental effort they make!

Different applications of cbd in sports

We have already talked about cases in boxing and tennis; however cbd in sport can be used by people who train for fun or to feel good (i.e. not competing or engaged in it).

Because cannabidiol oil helps blood circulation and reduces inflammation, we could say that it is recommended for almost any type of discipline and in all practices, from high performance to recreational.

For example, if you are into lifting weights or if you love to go running, you can use CBD oil to prevent muscle pain or reduce cramps. And not only use it after exercise, but also before or even during practice.

That's right, because for pre-training there are some creams that prepare the muscles and for the during we find neuromuscular bandages, which are applied in typical areas of pain or contracture.

For the hours before exercise, training or competition, we recommend the pre-physical activity cream. With a heat effect, it can be applied to problematic or already sore areas in order to warm up the muscles. This increase in local temperature allows us to exercise despite some minor injury.

One of the most used products in the field of CBD and sports is the anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream that is used for both joint and muscle pain. It produces a sensation of heat and in a short time relieves the area with discomfort or injury. You can carry it in your bag and apply when the pain appears.

There is also the post-physical activity cream, which although we may think that it is the same as the previous one, is used to recover the muscles, and not necessarily when something hurts.

This means that it helps in recovery after physical effort, relaxes the muscles and improves circulation. It is recommended for different types of sports and has a cold effect.

If you have any questions or queries about CBD products used in athletes, you can send us a message and we will gladly help you choose which is the best option depending on the type of sport you do and the intensity with which you practice it.

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