Best CBD Oils for 2022

Best CBD Oils for 2022

Would you like to knoEnter our blog and discover the best CBD oils for this 2022 which are the best CBD oils that you can buy in stores in 2022? If you have decided to enter this wonderful world of cannabidiol and its benefits, be sure to read the following list that we have put together with the 10 best options of the moment.

At MyCBDHealthy we continually look for the best alternatives, brands and percentages so that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD from the first moment.

What to know about CBD

For all those who do not know very well what CBD is and what it is for (and for those who do, it is good to refresh their memory from time to time), we will briefly tell you the most important and interesting.

First of all, its “official” name is cannabidiol, but it is more popularly known as CBD. It is one of the main components of the Cannabis plant and is present in the resinous flower.

CBD is a natural component that is not psychoactive, this means that it does not produce hallucinogenic effects as is the case with THC or marijuana.

Cannabidiol can be used internally or externally depending on the type of presentation: creams, gels, pills, oils, crystals... It is used to treat inflammatory diseases, skin problems, seizures, arthritis pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's and also in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

What are the best CBD oils on the market?

Mainly CBD oils can be used topically or internally and serve to relieve inflammation and pain, as well as stress, insomnia, anxiety or depression. At MyCBDHealthy we have a wide variety, but we highlight the following:

CBD oil 4% - 10% - Alphacat

It is used orally (for anxiety or insomnia) and skin (for muscle pain). It can be obtained in two presentations, depending on the percentage of CBD: 4 or 10%. It is an organic oil made in Provence, France. It is recommended to take 2 to 10 drops a day for oral use and 3 to 10 drops on the skin.

CBD oil – Enecta

Another one of the best CBD oils this year, available in different quantities: 300, 1000 and 2400 mg. It has an organic certificate, guaranteeing that it is free of pesticides or herbicides and that it does not come from genetically modified plants.

It is used to treat dryness, eczema, peeling, psoriasis, burns, cracked skin, skin allergies, insect bites, rashes, inflammation, muscle and joint pain.

CBD Oil -CBD Pharma

It is a natural product without THC, therefore it has no psychoactive effects. It is completely safe to administer to children or the elderly (after consultation with the doctor). In this case we can find different percentages of CBD: 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20%.

It is especially used to treat pain, anxiety and insomnia. It is also from the CBD Pharma brand, one of the best in the cannabidiol universe.

CBD oil – MyCBD

It is a food supplement based on natural extracts, highly appreciated for its medicinal properties and for not having side effects. It does not present pesticides or heavy metals. These oils are available in 10 ml bottles with 2.5 or 10% concentration of CBD.

Raw CBD Oil – Endoca

Undoubtedly another of the best CBD oils on the market, with cannabidiolic acid, also rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E. It comes in drops and is used as a food supplement that helps us maintain a healthy life. It is available in two concentrations: 3% (300 mg untreated CBD + CBDa) and 15% (1500 mg untreated CBD + CBDa).

CBD Oil – Plant of Life

It is a full spectrum organic oil of excellent quality, with the endorsement of Plant of Life, one of the most recognized brands within the marketers of CBD oils. It can be purchased in four different concentrations: 6%, 10%, 15% and 20% and in two sizes: 5 and 10 ml.

CBD Oil Spray mint flavor – Harmony

This is one of the best CBD oils of the year because on the one hand it comes in a spray format and on the other hand it is flavored with mint. It is also rich in vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is available in three presentations and concentrations: 1% (150 mg of CBD), 3% (500 mg of CBD), 10% (1500 mg of CBD).

CBD Oil Mint and Chocolate Flavor – Endoca

A combination that you will want to try yes or yes. It can be used as a food supplement that helps maintain a healthy life. It is available in two concentrations: 3% (300 mg of CBD) and 15% (1500 mg of CBD). With a very practical dropper we use it when and where we want.

CBD oil spray lemon flavor – Harmony

There is no doubt that mint and CBD get along wonderfully. In this case, one of Harmony's star products comes in a spray and provides vitamins and fatty acids. It can be purchased in three concentrations: 1% (150 mg of CBD), 3% (500 mg of CBD), and 10% (1,500 mg of CBD).

CBD oil + CBG 10% - Alphacat

Finally, in this list with the best CBD oils on the market, this combined CBD + CBG at 10% could not be missing. The synergy between both components makes the absorption of the oil greater and makes the most of its benefits. It is available in a 10% concentration in a 10 ml format.

Would you like to try any of these CBD oils? Get them today at MyCBDHealthy!

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